I will begin this year to contribute $6000 of my money each year going forward for maintenance of the Fire Lookouts in Washington State’s three National Parks.  This will be a direct contribution to the NPS and is not being done thru any organization.  There is a wonderful Washington National Park Fund but their budget is huge; my contribution is small and I want to keep control and be part of decisions where the money goes.  I welcome anyone who wants to join me.  I can provide the details.  Your contribution of whatever size would also go direct to the National Park Service and thru to the Park of your choice.  It would not be tax deductible.   I don’t make enough charitable contributions in a year for them to make any difference in my income taxes so the tax deduction is not meaningful for me.  $5.00  or $10.00 would buy a paintbrush or sandpaper. Questions or thoughts —-brucebowden1@icloud.com  : )