This website is dedicated to

Andris Vezis
North Cascades Park Fire Crew Boss
who believed in me when
he had no reason to

and to the Desolation trail itself:

Ross Lake sparkling in morning light, heat to come, dust, bugs, sweat, itch, up, up, steep, sunscreen wicking into eyes, no breeze, breeze, branches in the face, birdsong, wildflowers, water bottles, jerky, apple slices,  muscle soreness, tripping on roots, pack chafing, heartbeat, breath, rest, go, insulator on tree from long ago lookout line, up more, views , mud showing the spring, slow, slow trickle of water, switchbacks, large tree root — step over, columbines, overhanging cliff above, mosquitos, endless, closer, blueberries, pinecones, lilies, bear scat, campground, marmots, ptarmigan, false ridge, Jack behind all along with Nohokomeen Glacier glowing white and black, real ridge, tops of Hozo’s twin spires, and at last—-

the lookout
standing, waiting, remembering, smiling

s i l e n t