Fires 9-9-22

More than any year I remember -- there are numerous fires in the Desolation Peak area.  Fire command has named them the NW Pasayten Complex.  Here are 2 links: The map shows them [...]

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Busted Toenails

I went looking for a very lightweight shoe but with a stiffer sole for the climb up Desolation.  After spending some time at my local REI and the running store - I chose the Hoka [...]

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Seattle Times

7-31-22  Wow, Desolation is having its moment this month  : )  First the KUOW podcast and now yesterday the Seattle Times had an article Some very nice photos from Jim, the lookout.......... hopefully you [...]

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Made it

Hi there, happy to report that my son and I climbed Desolation Peak last week to the top.  I got to sit in the old LO for a half hour or so.  Wonderful nostagia and [...]

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Hi there, currently I am training to hike Desolation another time in July.  It is proving to be more difficult since I am now 71.  The " space " between training enough to make it [...]

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Jack Kerouac reads

This is a well known segment from a Steve Allen TV Show many years ago--- Jack is reading from his book On the Road.........unique pacing that suits the prose beautifully...... I never get tired of [...]

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If there ever was

If there ever was a European painting / serigraph that reminds me of Desolation and Kerouac / Synder --- it is this one by Samivel.  The mountain being contemplated doesn't have the twin spires of [...]

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Forest Fires on Desolation Peak

Supposedly Desolation Peak got its name from the look of the fire ravaged peak " back in the day " .  I found an article on that here:  Pretty technical by UW Forestry Department. [...]

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