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# 4

  fluid slow evening gin, tonic, lime high all around

# 42019-04-25T21:59:20-08:00

# 3

      sawing of the wind shutters creak black and white mountains silent

# 32019-04-25T21:59:42-08:00

# 2

    reading on step mind away park radio clicks on back now

# 22019-04-25T21:59:59-08:00

# 1

  sweltering windless dusty dry day two hikers up at LO they say two cold beers in sack off end of trailhead dock in the lake far below

# 12019-04-25T22:00:28-08:00

15 – Hiking Down

  Leaving Deso that last day was hard and was easy. Hard because after a few days on the mountain top-----all the echoing voices of my complaining and perfectionist mind quiet down. I can hear my heart and a rare clarity provides insight that allows you to skate forward and backward in your life and [...]

15 – Hiking Down2019-07-12T23:47:46-08:00

14 – Chapter for Jack

    heY Jack ...........DesOlation LO stands there manned by lookouts sTill and the country Looks pretty much the same. its now a national park and will be saved from ClearCuts and hey they let fires burn now as long as people and buildings aren’t threatened....yoU donE some gOOd with yr worDs. the wOOdstove is [...]

14 – Chapter for Jack2019-05-18T19:51:05-08:00

13 – Sons and Fathers

  Testosterone is a complex hormone vital for survival of the species but corrosive at times to the body that it flows thru. I think it is the main reason that men die on average about 3 or 4 years before their wives. Or to put it in another way........the estrogen that dominates women protects [...]

13 – Sons and Fathers2019-07-05T12:15:16-08:00

12 – Games

  Kerouac had a elaborate paper based scorecard baseball game he played at Desolation to whittle away the time. It had teams and players and he scored the games in much the same way real games are played. Isaac Gewitz has written a book on it: I had two specific games of my own based [...]

12 – Games2019-07-19T21:44:01-08:00

11 – Day Hikers

  Midday the marmots and I await the next big event …...the arrival of any day hikers. They usually stay for a few minutes to an hour or two and then descend. It’s a long steady 4200 foot climb up from the lake and everyone is happy to finally get to the top. Curiously, many hardly [...]

11 – Day Hikers2019-07-06T00:57:59-08:00

10 – Fire

( from a painting by Chili Thom ) Fire is the reason the Lookout was built back in 1932. It is what I am constantly watching for.  It IS the main event....the reason anyone gets this job. In the visual universe of Desolation --- most fires would be started by lightning.  Of these fires, some [...]

10 – Fire2019-07-06T00:41:04-08:00