On the westside of Ross Lake is one of those memorable names –> Skymo.  There is a mountain, a lake and a stream by that name.  I only know one person who has been up to the lake and tried fishing — Jeff Johnson —who was the North Cascades Fish Biologist for the USFS ( now retired ).  He told me there were several bears roaming in the area when he camped up there.  Here is an old post from NWHikers by Mike Collins about some folks who hiked toward it in 2004 but I don’t see any pictures nor a mention that they actually make it…..


” The unofficial name of Skymo was proposed by John R. as Skymo is the name of the creek on the southern drainage of this peak. He was the last person (our’s was the third party) to have visited this peak in 1996. It lies just over the border from Ross Lake Recreation Area in North Cascades National Park. Getting to the jumpoff is half the fun as you hire the boat from Ross Lake Resorts. The driver drops you off whereever you like but for this hike it meant a small cove just to the south of No Name Creek, across the lake slightly NW of Cat Island. We jumped off the bow onto a rocky beach. After 50 feet of elevation gain our party of six was delightfully surprised to have found an abandoned trail. It must have been constructed with the WPA in the ’30s as I can see no other reason than to put men to work that this trail was blazed. Those men were probably the last to step onto the path as it is now covered with moss three inches thick for most of the way. It took us up 1500 feet before it either ended or we lost it. We connected with a well rounded ridge that is perfectly directed N-S. Travelling on this we traversed just west of Pt 5798 and then WSW to the top of 6582. The views were sweeping off the entire Ross Lake. The lookouts of Desolation Peak and Sourdough Mtn. were in view. Hozomeen’s summits were particularly spectacular today as the mountain has a beautiful profile above the valley.”